Montag, 28. Dezember 2009

Rheinspaziergang 2009

the Rhein river as the borderline between Liechtenstein and Switzerland

Water and Light and standing on the riversbank almost on the other side.

Trudi searching for a exraordinary stone or a peace of wood.

Marks in the sand show that we had icy frost last night

Do you see the face of this guard - looking across the border river towards Switzerland ?

Whenever I look at Trudis direction - I see light upon light. Yeah - my wife and partner for eternity is my brilliant star - sorry - sunshine :)

Can you imagine - put the timer to ten seconds, level the camera on a stone - and run.
But as you can see - except, that Trudi missed the shot - the frame was exceptionally well set.


Sepp hat gesagt…

Eure winterlichen Rheinspaziergänge sind ja bereits Legende :-)

Pradeep Singh Panwar hat gesagt…

nice photos to be seen in these cold winter days! thanks for sharing.