Dienstag, 24. November 2009

Goodbye Charly

O Freunde
Gebt die ewige Schönheit nicht preis um vergänglicher Schönheit willen, und hängt euer Herz nicht an die Welt des Staubes

Today the goodbye ceremony of my friend Charly was held.
We spent four years of our lifes togheter - growing together, becoming very close friends.
Charly and his family were part of my life as long as I have remembrance in my life - we were neighbours when I was three years old and since then we never lost contact anymore.
He was my teacher during my apprenticeship as a draftsman.
The family Wendel was my home during these years.
In this world Charly was an architect.
I wish him all the best on his journey throughout all the other worlds of God.

We see us there :)

O Spross des Staubes !

Sei nicht zufrieden mit der Musse eines schwindenden Tags und beraube dich nicht der ewigen Ruhe. Verschachere nicht den Garten ewiger Freude um das Häuflein Staub einer sterblichen Welt. Erhebe dich aus deinem Gefängnis zu den herrlichen Gefilden der Höhe und nimm deinen Flug aus dem vergänglichen Käfig hin zum Paradies des Raumlosen.



Anonym hat gesagt…

My condoleances Toni! May God host him in His Paradise!
We are indeed, just visitors in this earth.


Pradeep Singh Panwar hat gesagt…

If the souls can observe the happenings on the earth after departing from here, I am sure Charly's soul must be happy to see that he is still remembered even after his death among his friends.
The sketches are beautiful and thoughtful.
I would like to see more of your sketches on the your blog( but keep their background lighter).

Bettina hat gesagt…

I am deeply moved by this blog entry.
Thank you for sharing!