Montag, 26. Mai 2008

Baha'i - Convention in Bern

Dear friends

This past weekend the National Convention of the Baha'is of Switzerland was held in Bern. We met in the capital city to elect the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Switzerland. This year , Trudi as the representative of the Continental Board of Counselor shared insights of the recent and previous messages and plans given to the Baha'is from the Universal Hous of Justice and the International Teaching Center in Haifa Israel.
She used powerpoint presentations during her talks and since some of the friends expressed their wish to have them for further deepening with the friends back home we make them available here. We are currently working on the French translation. Patience svp.

the link for the download is not available any more - sorry

here some photos, I took, when I was strolling through the city in the afternoon, when I had to walk some kilometers through the book- watches- sports- and electronic computer shops of Bern.

Bern the Capital City of Switzerland

the Convention

life is an art like playing with balls.

You have to concentrate on the important things in life - then everybody around you will be fascinated about what you are performing
and doing - life is a very special art, but it's worth every second to enjoy and performe it.

patience please


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